Review Policy

Oktopus Ink is a blog dedicated to YA (Young Adult) and Middle Grade sci-fi and fantasy book reviews. This includes books belonging to one, (if not more) of these genres/sub-genres: medieval fantasy, fairy tales, science fiction, urban/paranormal fantasy, dystopian/post-apocalyptic, and steampunk.

Because of the lovely octopus theme, books are rated on a scale from one to eight. (Like tentacles, get it?!) Here's what each tentacle means:

8 Tentacles: Godlike; must read or continue to live a life of pale existence.
7 Tentacles: Pretty darn awesome. 
6 Tentacles: It was great.
5 Tentacles: It was good. 
4 Tentacles: Meh, a bit of a disappointment, but still alright. 
3 Tentacles: Why did I want to read this book again?
2 Tentacles: It was bad.
1 Tentacle: It was effing awful...

Please note that the reason for every rating will be explained in detail, and I promise that  I will try not be rude if I chose to give a book a poor rating/negative review. Writing in itself is a journey and takes a lot of time, persistence, and strength of character to accomplish. I respect that, and respect the effort that goes into creating any work of fiction. However, with that said, I will not lie about a book if I did not like it. I also will not receive money or bribes for a positive review. 

If you have any questions, concerns, or if you're an author, publisher, or self-published author who would like to send me a book to review, please visit the Contact page for more details. I would happy to read and review the book within two months of receiving it. At this time, I will accept physical and digital copies of a book, so long as the digital file can be read (or converted to be read) on a Kindle.