Monday, September 6, 2010

Contest: Win a copy of Plain Kate and The Clockwork Three

Recruit-a-Friend Contest!

Start date: 9/6/10

End date: 9/12/10

Howdy there everybody! It’s that time; time to launch Oktopus Ink’s first contest! This week I’m giving away two Advance Readers Copies (ARCs for short, also known as uncorrected proofs): Plain Kate by Erin Bow, now out in stores, and The Clockwork Three by Matthew Kirby, set to be published October 2010.

So, here are the rules: This is a recruit-a-friend contest. The person who recruites the most people to follow this blog within a week will win first place and get first pick of one of the two ARCs listed above. The person who recruits the second highest number of people within a week will win second place, and receive a copy of the book not chosen by the first place winner.

Once a follower, each person recruited should post a comment here, on this post, mentioning who recruited them. At the end of the week, The person listed in the most comments will win! Those recruited this week can also participate (once they are a follower of this blog). The contests starts today, Monday Sept. 6, and will end on Sunday, Sept 12. That’s my brother’s birthday. So spread the word! Bribe, blackmail, persuade, flatter, threaten—do whatever it takes to get them to follow!

To find out more about the prizes, click the links above. They'll take to you their respective pages on Amazon, where you can read the back covers/product descriptions. Both books promise to be a good read. :P

Good luck, and happy competing!

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Corey Klinzing said...

I was told about this blog by the wonderful furrow, and I'm so glad she did. ^^

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